5 days ago

Hummingbirds up close

Here's an interesting display!

Beaks and Peaks Birding and Adventure Tours
We are happy to show you this video of the Sparkling-tailed Hummingbird during his mating dance, the female is checking out every single movement before saying Yes.
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Whatever that little guy is on to give that much energy I want some of it.He sure got the attention of the other little one.Had to be a male to show off like that. Lol

Heather Kottke...Is Stubs doing a mating dance for us?? 😂😂😂. If so...we’re going to have to have a serious talk with him!!!

he better watch out, she may accuse him of sexual harassment.

Poor little bird getting dizzy just watching.lol 💖💖💖

She should be dizzy with all that dazzling

I think that's a male trying to but the other one under a spell. lol''

Nothing like strutting your stuff at warp speed

Making me dizzy just watching him move, bless his heart!

I think she's so dizzy she doesn't know how to shake her head to say, "No".

Of course we women humans check out the dudes before we say YES too! It's normal!

It’s winter here and I miss them

I think I could learn a lot from that bird! Lol!!!

this is amazing thanks for sharing

He’s definitely trying to dazzle her...❤️💙

It's the "making her so dizzy she says yes" gambit.

I think I’m in love with all of that fancy flying. 😊


Little guy going to wear his mama out!

“you are getting sleepy” 😀

I think he is going to hypnotize her. 🙂

The dance of Love!!

Aww! He's flying in circles!

Zo mooi.

Love it .

So cute!

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Here is a short film about Sandy, Beach and Pebbles, An Anna's Hummingbird Family. Sandy nested right on the ocean shoreline in March. I wasn't sure they were going to make it. ... See MoreSee Less


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Love it. It shows birds can survive in any location as long as they are left alone and there are lots of food sources.

What an incredible journey you've recorded E.J. Pittman...and with such a happy ending!! I must share this <3 ~_~

I think birds are the hardest working and most committed parents in the animal kingdom.

Love it / Thanks for the view

So amazing! Quite funny watching them being fed by Mom! 😂 How does that long beak go down so far in their little mouths?

Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, Eric Pittman. Gorgeous enough to share on Garden Gossip... 😊💞

Gail Pearce

You have a very good eye to follow them that well. And they had a successful year!

I got a little worried during the wind storm.

Wat een opnamen wauw .

Thank you. ❤

Where was this picture taken?

They are so gorgeous !!! <3


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3 weeks ago

Hummingbirds up close

Here's one of my favourite short films with Miss Rufous and Rusty

Hummingbirds up close
Here's a new short film of Miss Rufous raising her chick, Rusty.
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What a treat to watch this mommy take care of her little one until he was ready to leave the nest and begin his life in the world. Thank you for sharing this.

I'm fascinated with these beautiful creatures. I draw and paint them w/acrylic paints.

I love the teeny tiny feet tamping down the nest bed.

Thank you for sharing this lovely video. I've loved hummingbirds all of my life. This was the first time I've seen a hummingbird nest, chick, feeding etc... It's so amazing to watch them. ❤ They are incredibly beautiful.

So sweet...love these birds

Oh no, hail!



Beautiful <3


To cute!!!


Thank you Mr Pittman.

Awesome. So very tiny, yet so resilient. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, Eric Pittman. Gorgeous enough to share on Garden Gossip... 😊💞

It looked like there were 2 eggs in that nest?

Love these little guys!

❤️ gives a whole new meaning to “fast food”! Lol.


Loved it.

Beautiful <3

Que hermoso cortometraje hracias por compartir

Osvaldo Neto é lindo demais, né?

Donna Sovince

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Tangerine, the Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird, sits in a tree ready for winter. ... See MoreSee Less


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She is such a beautiful hummingbird. <3

Birds are amazing

Amazing <3

She is stunning!

So cute !!!

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Tangerine, the Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird, enjoys an easy fall day in Victoria, BC ... See MoreSee Less


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Don't they migrate?

She is so beautiful!


Such beautiful photos! Love them!!!

Tangerine, the Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird reacts to it's urban environment in Victoria, BC. ... See MoreSee Less


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When is Tangerine expected to migrate? Isn't winter coming soon?

amazing post love the colors thanks for sharing

You're so lucky!! ❤ thanks for sharing with us.

So cutie hummingbird.

i miss my hummies

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Tangerine, the Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird, comes in for lunch. ... See MoreSee Less


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What does Leucistic mean? It must be the coloring, because I've not seen one of my wintering Anna's to be that color,

Eric. What exactly is rigged up to that glass flower? I would be interested as I have a couple of those flowers.

I know these are rare but how rare are they ?

Oh my goodness, it's gorgeous

Beautiful, amazing beauty

Such a pretty little bird.

Love ❤️ this bird 🦅.

I love your site!


Wow Eric❤️



Jess Stanford

Cynthia D'Anna Brown.

Polly Tipton Tucker Kendal Lou Dickson

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Tangerine, the Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird enjoys the fall sunshine in Victoria, BC. ... See MoreSee Less

Tangerine, the Leucistic Annas Hummingbird enjoys the fall sunshine in Victoria, BC.


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I've got about 10 Anna's at my house. I'm refilling my feeders (2) every other day. Don't take your feeders down; I'm in Duncan.

How long before they head southward bound???

Such a pretty girl!!

Wow so beautiful!


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Tangerine, the Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird rests on a branch. ... See MoreSee Less

Tangerine, the Leucistic Annas Hummingbird rests on a branch.


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Such fantastic pictures! Thank you 🙂 Do you think Tangerine is a female?

Tangerine is a beauty would love to see her up close

ahhh...she's so pretty!

I want one of these.

She is so beautiful <3

This is stunning <3

So beautiful!

Charles E Mullis Esq

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Tangerine, the Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird hides in the leaves. ... See MoreSee Less


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I love my Hummers! They are year rounders, so I get double the enjoyment!!!

I’m blown away by how beautiful she is!!

She blends pretty well! Lol peek a boo!

Amazing Birds

amazing pictures of this hummingbird so beautiful thanks for sharing


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Tangerine, the Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird, shows her colours. ... See MoreSee Less

Tangerine, the Leucistic Annas Hummingbird, shows her colours.


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While I was on my patio today I noticed something when I saw a hummer come to my feeder. There were no bee's around the feeder and when the hummer came I noticed 2 bee's flying around and trying to get at the sugar water, then when the hummer flew away the bee's seemed to follow. Have you ever observed this?

Tangerine blends in with the leaves.

Wow! She is beautiful!


Lori Linn Zebley last one. 🙂

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A nice up close look at the Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird having a snack from the glass flower. ... See MoreSee Less


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There are currently two leucistic hummingbirds at the arboretum of UC Santa Cruz. One is an Anna's and one they believe is an Allen's. Pretty amazing!!

This is amazing and so beautiful!

Lori Linn Zebley look how fast she drinks.

wow .. look how fast the level goes down!

That is so cool

Its amazing!

Awesome <3

Very pretty 🙂

Awesome !!!


Amazing birds

Nice pic!

That is awesome have a couple in my backyard I have a few pictures but it's on another phone and that was aweso

Such a beautiful hummer! <3

Que emoción escuchar su aleteo también


Theresa Hess

Saba MNi

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2 months ago

Hummingbirds up close

An up close look at the Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird's feathers. She is kind of pale orange instead of green. ... See MoreSee Less


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Beautiful! Can you share location?

You take such awesome pics! Thank you for sharing them with us! You captured some awesome moments! She is quite beautiful!

Tiny little tight she's perched on 🙂

Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures.

What fabulous background the red leaves make. Stunning photos.

So gorgeous against the red leaves 🍁

Lori Linn Zebley look how beautiful against the red leaves! So awesome!

Beautiful with Autumn leaves.

Amazing bird, amazing photography!




Richard Scott Winder

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I just got back from Alaska where I was helping a BBC Wildlife film crew find and film hummingbirds. It was a great adventure and I learned a lot! This website happened because I had a very prolific hummingbird in my yard. My wife and I called her Sweetiebird and she has had six generations of chicks in our yard. I filmed the last four generations in HD video and learned a lot about hummingbirds. Since then, it’s become a passion of mine. I have been a photographer all my life and I love photographing these birds. The HD video is really a great way to see them. The image quality is stunning and the process of watching the birth and growth of these hummingbird chicks is fascinating and beautiful. A large part of the joy is watching the day by day growth of the chicks and then the anticipation of flight. Sweetiebird has since passed on but has been replaced by Flower. As well as filming the birds in my yard, I watch the hummingbirds in a small bit of protected forest near my home called Hummingbird Hills. I have filmed about 60 hummingbird nests from egg to flight now and have gathered amazing information about the little birds – where and when they nest, the mortality rate, and even some of their social structure. Each nest is different and fascinating and I have been able to film some very interesting sequences. The pursuit of hummingbirds has become a passion for me and I look forward to each day with a camera when I am able to have a peek into their tiny, private world.

I also have a Facebook page which you can find by clicking on the link and you can see some of the drama that goes on as I watch these birds. Sometimes birds get their nests upset, or fall prey to other forces of nature. These are wild birds and things do not always go as planned. When I find a distressed bird or nest, I take it to Wild ARC, which is it’s best hope. They do amazing work out there, and if you want to help wild birds and animals, please donate to Wild ARC. They do a great job of saving wild birds and animals that would otherwise be left to suffer and die. They have helped me several times when I needed assistance for hummingbirds and other animals.

If you like what we have to offer, please consider a donation to help keep the site running and more filming coming!

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