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I just got back from Alaska where I was helping a BBC Wildlife film crew find and film hummingbirds. It was a great adventure and I learned a lot! While there, I confirmed what I thought about my nesting material balls. I hung these balls on low branches and usually within minutes, I would have a hummingbird picking material off them to use for nests. It is a great way to confirm that nesting behavior is going on and it encourages them to nest nearby.
They are all natural material and sized for a hummingbirds beak. They will completely bio-degrade over time, and contain no chemicals or scents, which is critical so it doesn’t attract predators to their nest. These little fist-sized balls start off small, but after being picked at for a couple of days by active hummers, fluff up to about twice their size. It was invaluable in the field to ensure we were in an area where hummingbirds were nesting. If you put one in your yard, you will increase the chances that one nests near you.
I also had a hat designed with a stylish hummingbird reflecting some of the coastal native artistic styles with my website address embroidered on the back. The hats are now worn by some of the greatest BBC cameramen and you can have one too. The hats are only $20.00 plus $5.00 shipping and the balls are $10.00 ea or 3 for $20.00 plus shipping or… get a hat and 3 nest balls for $35.00 and free shipping.

This website happened because I had a very prolific hummingbird in my yard. My wife and I called her Sweetiebird and she has had six generations of chicks in our yard. I filmed the last four generations in HD video and learned a lot about hummingbirds. Since then, it’s become a passion of mine. I have been a photographer all my life and I love photographing these birds. The HD video is really a great way to see them. The image quality is stunning and the process of watching the birth and growth of these hummingbird chicks is fascinating and beautiful. A large part of the joy is watching the day by day growth of the chicks and then the anticipation of flight. Sweetiebird has since passed on but has been replaced by Flower. As well as filming the birds in my yard, I watch the hummingbirds in a small bit of protected forest near my home called Hummingbird Hills. I have filmed about 60 hummingbird nests from egg to flight now and have gathered amazing information about the little birds – where and when they nest, the mortality rate, and even some of their social structure. Each nest is different and fascinating and I have been able to film some very interesting sequences. The pursuit of hummingbirds has become a passion for me and I look forward to each day with a camera when I am able to have a peek into their tiny, private world. I also have a Facebook page which you can find by clicking on the link and you can see some of the drama that goes on as I watch these birds. Sometimes birds get their nests upset, or fall prey to other forces of nature. These are wild birds and things do not always go as planned. When I find a distressed bird or nest, I take it to Wild ARC, which is it’s best hope. They do amazing work out there, and if you want to help wild birds and animals, please donate to Wild ARC. They do a great job of saving wild birds and animals that would otherwise be left to suffer and die. They have helped me several times when I needed assistance for hummingbirds and other animals.

If you like what we have to offer, please consider a donation to help keep the site running and more filming coming!

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