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Hummingbirds up close

Hummingbirds up close
These siblings like to razz each other in the pool!
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Looks like he was trying to perch on the other ones beak funny how they play together I watch my hummingbirds play all the time they do the silliest things

Patricia Holmes Look at these little guys! ❤️

cutie little hummingbirds.


Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird
More of the leucistic Anna's Hummingbird in Duncan, BC.
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So beautiful! It's not an albino, though? The eyes, feet and bill look pink on my computer.

Eric how does this happen?

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I hope it flies over to Sooke!

Saw the red in its little eye Awe those little white angel wings!! <3

Beautiful, thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous creature!!!

Wow, a hummingsnowbird...

What a beautiful bird! Thank you for sharing!



What a treat!



Beautiful! ❤❤❤

So pretty.


Beautiful bird


Thanks for sharing but it would be nice to include info or respond to people asking !

Michelle Williams!!!!

Aunt Tammy Weaver Melissa Carlson

Don Wilson Jeannie Merck look at this beauty.

I didn't know this one even existed........

oh wow...beautiful!! 🙂 ♥

I still.think its beautiful

Looks so different than the ones here. Very cool.

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It's the Holy Grail of Hummingbirds, a Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird in Duncan, BC. ... See MoreSee Less

Its the Holy Grail of Hummingbirds, a Leucistic Annas Hummingbird in Duncan, BC.

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wow wow wow!! What a beautiful thing!!! so glad I got to see this, stunning!!!!

what a cutie!!


Some of the prettiest little birds I've seen.

So how is the count coming along?

Wonderful! Such a beauty <3

Lucky YOU!

Stunning !!!



My back yard in N Nevada

so sweet!

Brian look!

Valarie Penner Shelly Mulikow Johnson check this out!!

can you tell if it is male or female? I know maybe a dumb question. but had to ask.

Very cool. Leucistic - certainly. (Great word by the way). But how can you tell it's an Anna's?

So pretty

Wow! Gorgeous!

Una excelente foto (Y)

Would love to see one here....

exquisitely beautiful ...... <3


Bea Hofland David Rees ........

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Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird!
Finally, after years of filming hummingbirds I was able to film a leucistic Anna's Hummingbird in Duncan, BC! Thanks to Sarah Simpson from the Cowichan Valley Citizen for originally finding it!
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I love my large group of hummingbirds, but never in my life would I even imagine an all white hummer. I have to ask you.... did they have pink eyes? (My apologises if someone already asked.) I get excited! Lol

Is it albino ?

THANK YOU for sharing! I've never seen a white hummingbird. And I learned a new word: leucistic.

After feeding/watching hummers in Oklahoma for 25 years, I'd probably faint if I saw a white beauty!

Just started a hummingbird feeder this summer thanks to my neighbor Don Doyle. Have seen a few but no leucistic. Would love to see one but am thrilled when I see a regular one.

My mother had one a few years ago we actually had it documented in Southern md. We contacted the bird specialist from D.C. to come verify it.

I live in Fresno CA I have many feeders they don't leave, is it because they were born here

We had a leucistic ruby throat visit our feeders for several seasons in mid Missouri. ❤️

We love our humingbirds but we have never seen a white one! Beautiful

Nothing regular about any of the Beautiful hummingbird.

Be still my heart!!!!! So gorgeous!!!! Thank you for sharing!!

this is amazing love feeding our hummingbirds they will soon migrate from here in Ohio

I love hummingbirds and love to watch them. I just wish that more would come to my feeder.

I love when they visit us. We have two feeders and they come all summer. White is rare

Thank. Trump there not scary, he's got there back !! 😊lol

awesome and so beautiful..what a blessing to have this rare find in your feeder

I just bought a feeder just like this tonight.....hoping for hummers to make a visit very soon.

Absolutely beautiful! I love those little buggers!!!!?

Wow, I thought it was just bad color till I started reading, lol, very interesting!

Don't see too many humming birds around Lake Huron, I either put their drink out too early or too late!

I love hummingbirds; never seen a white one; oh cool!

I didn't know about white hummingbirds. Very pretty.

Absolutely amazing, never saw anything like this b4. Beautiful

I didn't even know this could happen in birds

So rare! They are all little miracles.

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2 months ago

Hummingbirds up close

Hummingbirds up close
Here's a nice Shot of Miss Rufous and Rusty earlier this year.
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what a great post love watching this mama hummingbird fee her baby and clean the feathers

Awww.... I love how she's tucking the blanket up around her baby. 🙂

Beautiful clip.

Do they like pine trees

Sherry Moore

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2 months ago

Hummingbirds up close

Sweetiebird's Second Nest.
Sweetiebird's second nest. An Anna's Hummingbird family. Sweetiebird's second brood of the year, Flutterby and Fluff grow up right before your eyes.
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What a precious video, thank you for putting it together!

Thank you very much,lovely!! <3

Yes I agree I don't get to see this often have never found a nest

This is really beautiful!


I really wish i could find the nest(s). I have a million pics and videos of them on feeders but not the same. Beautiful

Sherry Moore

Russ Hemstetter

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2 months ago

Hummingbirds up close

A film featuring the first nest I ever filmed where the chicks fledged. It's Sweetiebird and her first nest of the year.
youtu.be/DU9S4CSlI7AA film featuring the first nest I ever filmed where the chicks fledged. It's Sweetiebird and her first nest of the year. She went on to have three more nests...
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Video image

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Enjoyable to watch. Thank you!

So beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing

Amazing. Saved!

Beautiful; thank you so much

So amazing ~~~~


Freda MacDonald

I want to find my female's nests... what gear are you shooting with? thaks for sharing.

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2 months ago

Hummingbirds up close

Sweetiebird's First Nest.
Here is a new film featuring the first nest I ever filmed where the chicks fledged. It's Sweetiebird and her first nest of the year. She went on to have three more nests that summer. The last shot is Sweetiebird sitting on her second nest of the year.
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What a super lovely and beautyfull film they are really precious this litlle tiny birds <3 great thanks to the filmers of this beauty of nature our biggest tresure we have to keep safe frm this world like all the animals we needed them badly Bravo amd thanks for sharing xxx <3

Thank for sharing this, Karyn. There was a nest of Rufus hummingbirds at Moss Adams (where Darrel works). They are on the second floor and we're eye level with the nest. We checked it out one weekend. Life is good!

So precious xcc

Precious😍THANK YOU


I just got back from Alaska where I was helping a BBC Wildlife film crew find and film hummingbirds. It was a great adventure and I learned a lot! This website happened because I had a very prolific hummingbird in my yard. My wife and I called her Sweetiebird and she has had six generations of chicks in our yard. I filmed the last four generations in HD video and learned a lot about hummingbirds. Since then, it’s become a passion of mine. I have been a photographer all my life and I love photographing these birds. The HD video is really a great way to see them. The image quality is stunning and the process of watching the birth and growth of these hummingbird chicks is fascinating and beautiful. A large part of the joy is watching the day by day growth of the chicks and then the anticipation of flight. Sweetiebird has since passed on but has been replaced by Flower. As well as filming the birds in my yard, I watch the hummingbirds in a small bit of protected forest near my home called Hummingbird Hills. I have filmed about 60 hummingbird nests from egg to flight now and have gathered amazing information about the little birds – where and when they nest, the mortality rate, and even some of their social structure. Each nest is different and fascinating and I have been able to film some very interesting sequences. The pursuit of hummingbirds has become a passion for me and I look forward to each day with a camera when I am able to have a peek into their tiny, private world.

I also have a Facebook page which you can find by clicking on the link and you can see some of the drama that goes on as I watch these birds. Sometimes birds get their nests upset, or fall prey to other forces of nature. These are wild birds and things do not always go as planned. When I find a distressed bird or nest, I take it to Wild ARC, which is it’s best hope. They do amazing work out there, and if you want to help wild birds and animals, please donate to Wild ARC. They do a great job of saving wild birds and animals that would otherwise be left to suffer and die. They have helped me several times when I needed assistance for hummingbirds and other animals.

If you like what we have to offer, please consider a donation to help keep the site running and more filming coming!

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